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Sanct Bernhard Sport Half Marathon Set

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  • Optimum restorative nourishment during half-marathons
  • 2 x isotonic energy drink (peach-passion fruit)
  • 1 x PURE LIQUID ENERGY (cherry)
  • 1 x premium regenerating mineral drink (pomegranate)
  • 1 drinking bottle, 1 x Vitality Skin Milk, 1 x information on nutrition during competition

Everything that you need in one set:

2 x Peach and Passion Fruit Isotonic Energy Drinks 36 g sachet

1 x Cherry PURE LIQUID ENERGY 50 ml tube

1 x Pomegranate Regeneration Mineral Drink Premium 20 g sachet

1 drinking bottle 500 ml

1 x Vitality Skin Milk 25 ml trial tube

1 x information on nutrition during competition

Put your trust in proven self-supply during competition and be independent from the drinks stations.

Benefit from the expertise of experienced nutritionists and the many positive responses from outstanding performance athletes who have achieved success with these supplements. Find out how to use the products here

How to use this set to best reach your target:

Preparation: The supply of carbohydrates must be finely tuned prior to the competition. Thus, drink ½ litre of ISOTONIC energy drink the night before the race. Overnight you will lose fluids and sodium through breathing, sweating and urination. In addition, carbohydrate levels are at a minimum in the morning. Rebalance this deficit by consuming ½ litre of ISOTONIC energy drink one hour before the race begins.

The race: Try to ensure constant provision throughout the race to avoid undesired slumps and fluctuations in performance. As you pass the 13 and 17 kilometre marks, consume half a tube of Pure LIQUID Energy and drink sufficient water at the water stations.

Regeneration: After high levels of physical exertion, energy and electrolyte reserves are depleted. In the first half hour after exercise, the body can process nutrients at a faster rate, as the metabolism is still stimulated. As a result, you should drink ½ litre of Regeneration Drink  Premium as soon after the race as possible.

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