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Protein Concentrate Powder 87

Art. No.: 1749

350 g

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Instant powder with high biological value and a neutral taste. 

This is recommended as a supplementary source of protein (87%) in the diets of senior citizens, youths and athletes with increased protein requirements. The high biological value of 104 guarantees particularly easy utilisation by the human body. Due to its neutral taste and its excellent solubility, this Protein Concentrate Powder is ideal for enhancing sweet and savoury food as well as drinks with protein. 8 of the 20 amino acids contained in the powder are essential, which means that they cannot be produced by the body. The branched-chain essential amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine are (so called BCAA) absorbed directly by the muscles and can therefore counteract muscle reduction and support muscle growth. The German Association for Nutrition (DGE) recommends a daily supply of 1.0 g per kg of body weight and per day for healthy senior citizens. Due to various illnesses, the protein requirements of senior citizens can increase. As confirmed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), proteins contribute towards an increase in and the retention of muscle mass and towards maintenance of normal bones.

Ingredients: Whey protein isolate, emulsifier soya lecithin.

Contains lactose and milk products

Recommended use:
1-3 x 1-2 measuring spoons (measuring spoon = 5 g) per day. 1 measuring spoon supplies 4.4 g of pure protein.

2 measuring spoons up to 3 times per day as an additive in meals depending on the protein requirements - sprinkle into sweet and savoury foods and drinks and stir in until completely dissolved. Do not heat above 60 °C. Add to food after cooking!

Tip: Also perfect added to milk and fruit shakes, yoghurt, cereal and creamy soups!


Average nutritional values

per portion (1 measuring spoon = 5 g powder)

per daily dose
(=30 g powder)

per 100 g powder

Calorific content

75 kJ (18 kcal)

450 kJ (108 kcal)

1499 kJ (357 kcal)


0.1 g

0.6 g

2 g

of which

saturated fatty acids


0 g


0 g


0 g


0.05 g

0.3 g

1.0 g

of which



0 g


0 g


0 g


4.4 g

26.4 g

87 g


0.07 g

0.42 g

1.3 g





Amino acids





0.24 g

1.44 g

4.9 g


0.10 g

0.60 g

1.9 g

Aspartic acid (Asparagine)

0.50 g

3.00 g

10.0 g


0.11 g

0.66 g

2.2 g

Glutamic acid (Glutamine)

0.81 g

4.86 g

16.2 g


0.07 g

0.42 g

1.5 g


0.08 g

0.48 g

1.6 g


0.31 g

1.86 g

6.2 g


0.50 g

3.00 g

10.0 g


0.45 g

2.70 g

9.0 g


0.11 g

0.66 g

2.2 g


0.14 g

0.84 g

2.8 g


0.30 g

1.80 g

6.0 g


0.22 g

1.32 g

4.5 g


0.33 g

1.98 g

6.7 g


0.08 g

0.48 g

1.6 g


0.13 g

0.78 g

2.7 g


0.27 g

1.62 g

5.5 g

* essential amino acids

No nutrient reference value for the daily intake according to VO (EU) No. 1169/2011 has yet been established.

*For standard deliveries (Germany)