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Organic Goji juice


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1 Liter

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  • Fruit juice content: 100 %
  • The goji berry, also known as the Chinese wolfberry, is the name given to the fruit from the lycium bush (Chinese lycium, boxthorn).
  • Origin: Asia
  • The goji berry, often nicknamed the "happy berry", is considered the fruit of well-being.

Fruit juice content: 100 %
The goji berry, also called Chinese wolfberry, is the fruit of the shrub Lycium (Lycium chinense, Chinese boxthorn). In its homeland Asia, goji berries have been very popular for a long time. Some people even attribute the high life expectancy and vitality of the people in some regions to the consumption of this fruit. As a result, the goji berry is often nicknamed the "happy berry" and is considered to be the fruit of well-being.


Average nutritional values

per 100 ml

calorific content

241 kJ/57 kcal


0,19 g

- of which are saturated fatty acids

< 0,1 g


10,6 g

- of which is sugar contained in the fruits

10,6 g


4,0 g


0,1 g


Recommended Dosage: We recommend a daily fluid intake of 50 ml - either pure or diluted as desired.

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