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Organic Arganoil


Art. No.: 659

250ml bottle

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  • Gourmet edible oil for cooking connoisseurs with a slight nut aroma
  • Particularly good for refining salads and hot dishes
  • Can also be taken alone

Gourmet cooking oil, roastet, cold pressed

Organic Arganoil, roasted prepared in the traditional way of the Berber tribe, is produced form the roasted seeds of the Argan tree (Argania Spinosa) that grows in the south-western part of Morocco. As valuable gourmet cooking oil it established itself in the ambitious kitchen. It consists of approximately 80% of biologically active unsaturated fatty acids, particularly linoleic and oleic acid, that contribute to the preservation of a normal cholesterol level in the blood (from 10 g linoleic acid/day). This corresponds to approx. 30 g Organic Arganoil roasted.

With its slightly nutty flavor, it refines the flavor of salads and cooked dishes, but it can also be used undiluted (1-3 teaspoons daily).

Average nutrition value per 100 g:

caloric content:

3770 kJ / 900 kcal


100 g

of which are:


- saturated fatty acids:

< 20 g

- monounsaturated fatty acids:

ca. 45 g

  of which is oleic acid:

ca. 43 g

- polyunsaturated fatty acids:

ca. 35 g

  of which is linoleic acid:

ca. 30 g


0 g


0 g


0 g

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