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Minesan Alkaline Bath Salt

Art. No.: 1188

500 g

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  • Alkaline bathing salts

Alkaline Bath Salt with a pH of 8.5, for sensitive, allergy-prone and dry skin. The balance between acid and base is especially important for a healthy skin metabolism.

A bath with Minesan Alkaline Bath Salt supports a balanced acid-base balance in a wonderfully soothing way. 

Minesan Alkaline Bath Salt is well suited for both full baths and hip baths, foot and hand baths as well as for cataplasms.

Ingredients: Maris Sal, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Carbonate, Hydrated Silica.

Application: A bath temperature of 36°ï¿½"38° C (97°ï¿½"100° F) is recommended for full baths, for foot baths 38°ï¿½" 41° C. Suggested bathing time is approximately 30 minutes, ideally 45�"60 minutes or longer. Add 3 tablespoons to a full bath, to a hip bath 1 tablespoon. 1 teaspoon is sufficient for poultices, foot baths and rinses. 

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