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Die Entdeckung: Energie - Vitamin Q10 / The discovery: energy - vitamin Q10/ Literature in German

Art. No.: 1806

176 pages

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  • Q10 - All about the natural energy source for heart, circulation and performance
  • Q10 is essential for the healthy function of the heart
  • Q10 provides 95 % of our total physical energy
  • We become ill when suffering a 25 % Q10 deficit

The revolutionary, scientifical breakthrough, that can strengthen the heart and circulation and which can prolong life in a natural way.
Q10 is a natural energy-giving substance which exists everywhere in the body. Q10 is indispensable for a healthy cardiac function and cares for 95% of our whole body energy. With 25% of a Q10 deficit we fall ill and from 75% of a Q10 deficit our life is at risk. Scientifical studies have proven that Q10 can optimise function, performance and energy utilisation of the untrained, usually healthy heart - without knee-bends and endurance run. So, good news for all who do not regularly keep fit or to thouse who are physically less active.

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