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FAQs - Online Shop

If you have made up several products in your shopping cart that you want to order regularly, you can save these articles and add them again to the shopping cart on demand.

In order to do so, please log into your account and open the shopping cart you want to save. Please click on the “Save cart” button.

The following dialogue box will show you the code you can recover the shopping cart with. Please note down this code! If requested the code can also be sent by email (recommended).

If you have not registered yet, you may still save your shopping cart and come back to it again later.

How can I recover the shopping cart?

To that end please log into your account and open the empty shopping cart. Please click on the “Restore cart” button.

A dialogue box is opened where you can type in the code (Identifier) you have noted down.

The content of the shopping cart will now be loaded and displayed. You can also add the saved content to an existing shopping cart.


Product and price modifications, printing or calculation errors as well as errors in text and image are excepted.

You can change the quantity of an item contained in your shopping basket, or delete it, at any time.

Delete article: 

  • Go to your shopping cart.
  • By clicking on the „trash can icon" located to the right of each article, after a confirmation message you can remove an item from your cart. 
  • Your shopping cart is immediately updated.

How to change the quantity of an article:

  • Go to your shopping cart. To the left of each item you will find the field „number”.  
  • Select the number displayed and enter the new number.
  • A link will then appear to update the shopping cart, marked by a symbol with two arrows in a circle. Click on this link and the recalculated total price will be displayed.


1. First register via your customer account and then fill your shopping basket!

2. Check whether you have installed the latest updates and programs for your operating system.

3. Fill in all input fields highlighted in grey during registration. Fill in the input fields carefully.

4. Note your password (observe capitals and lower case letters if necessary). If you forget your password, click FORGET YOUR PASSWORD? and follow the instructions.

5. Please also observe that only one customer account can be created with your Email address.

Here you can find the login for your account.

We are happy to answer further questions on the order process. Simply telephone us on +49 (0)7334 / 9654-87.

Should you no longer be able to register for the online shop, the "Forgotten your password?" function gives you the opportunity to create new access data.

  • Enter your data (name, first name, Email) which you entered on registration
  • You will be set a link which you can use to reset your password.
  • Use the link in this Email and create a new password.

Here you can find the "Forgotten your password"? function.

Should you still be unable to register, please phone us:
Tel. +49 (0)7334/9654-87.

You can manage all of your stored data in your personal customer account. To do this, you must register via your account. You can do this by clicking on "Your account" in the left navigation bar or at the top right on "My customer account / Register".

If you are already registered, click on your name at the top right on the website.
On the following overview page you will be able to change

  • individual data on your orders,
  • delivery address,
  • access data,
  • favourites and
  • recommendations.

Prior to closing your order, you are given the opportunity to check your entries and to correct them if necessary.
Here you will find "My customer account / Register"

Where can I change my personal data, such as my address, delivery address and password etc.?

Orders placed in our online shop require a separate registration, as we require several additional pieces of information for online orders, such as your personal Email address. Please also observe that only one customer account can be created with your Email address.

Here you can find the Login via your account: Login via your account.

Yes, meanwhile you can place an order without creating a customer account.

  • Fill your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
  • Next, the registration dialogue appears, which provides you with three options.
  • Click on the link in the GUEST ORDER dialog box on the right: "Continue without account"
  • Please fill in the following form and confirm your information by clicking the button.

Your order will now be completed without registering a customer account.

You can find products in different ways:

  1. Via the main search window (live search):
    Enter a keyword (e.g. ‘selenium’) and you will receive 10 matches.
    All matches will be displayed by pressing the ‘search’ button or the enter key.
  2. Search in the categories:
    Looking for something in a specific subject area (e.g. ‘lose weight’)?
    Our main categories and subject areas will provide you a quick overview.
  3. Products, A–Z
    Do you know the first letter of the product name?
    Then use the A–Z search in the navigation bar!
  4. Are you looking for special offers or new articles?
    You’ll find what you’re looking for in the navigation bar

As a customer of the Kräuterhaus you can get the goods delivered to a parcel station (Packstation) or a post office of DHL. (This service is currently only available within Germany.)

Note: You have to sign up as a customer at DHL first!

You activate the check mark “deliver to a parcel station/post office” in the form for delivery addresses.

Now you fill in the following input fields:

You do not need to indicate any further details. Please save your data and proceed with your order.

We are very sorry should you have received a defective, damaged or simply the wrong article. We consistently try to conduct all deliveries to your utmost satisfaction.

To the Revocation instruction

Your voucher code may already be expired and therefore no longer valid. Please check the voucher conditions and validity period.

Only vouchers/credits which have been purchased via our online shop can be redeemed. Credits or vouchers which you have been promised by telephone or which were issued in one of our shops cannot currently be redeemed online for technical reasons.

One of our employees can have a voucher code sent to you again. To do this, write us a brief message using our "Contact form". We will then send you a voucher code without delay.

You can easily redeem a voucher which you have received, for example, for recommending a new customer, via your customer account. As soon as your recommended friend has placed an order in our shop, you will be able to redeem your voucher.
(See Vouchers. Here you can find out the current status of your new customer recommendation). In your customer account, under "Binding order", you can in this case receive an appropriate indication and can redeem the voucher.

Additional note: In the "Vouchers", you can redeem several vouchers at the same time. The appropriate discount is taken into account in your order.
Please observe that only vouchers which have been purchased via our online shop can be redeemed.

Here you will find your "Customer account/Registration".

Vouchers which have already been credited to your customer account cannot be redeemed in the shop, or cannot be taken into account during invoicing.
On payment via bank debit entry, the credit amount is automatically taken into account on the debit entry sum, as can be checked on your account statement.
On payment via transfer, the credit amount can be deducted from the transfer sum.

Here you can find the "Customer account"

You can recommend friends and acquaintances as new customers in our online shop. Please look here: "Customers recommend new customers"

Additional note: You can find a postcard for friend recommendations on the last pages of our catalogue. It is also possible to recommend a friend by telephone. Please observe that friend recommendations which have been made via postcard or telephone cannot be redeemed in the online shop.

In order to conserve resources we send packages within Germany only from a total goods value of at least 10,00 €, abroad from a total goods value of 20,00 €. This bundling of orders saves packaging material and reduces CO2 emissions for transport.

If the value of your shopping basket is less than 10,00 € (within Germany) or 20,00 € (abroad), you can click on "Continue shopping" or increase the quantity of your selected item in the shopping cart.

Thank you for your understanding and support - for the sake of the environment!

We are currently working on offering vouchers for online purchase. Until then, you can order vouchers by phone or e-mail.

Please call us on telephone number +49 (0) 7334/965487 or write to us at ausland@kraeuterhaus.de.

You will receive a code with your voucher, which you can redeem either in our retail shops, by ordering by telephone or when ordering by e-mail.

Discount is not applied to the voucher when purchased, as the quantity discount is taken into account when redeemed. The voucher becomes valid on receipt of payment.

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