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Tick Stop

Art. No.: 965

20-ml-spray flask + 100-ml-refill flask

11,00 €(for every 100 ml = 9,17 €)

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  • Zecken-Stopp was developed to protect your dog effectively against this pest
  • An effective antidote based on natural substances with essential oils
  • With eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil dissolved in a water-isopropnaol mixture
  • Protects effectively against ticks, and is highly compatible

As soon as spring arrives the ticks come back out!
To protect your dog effectively against this pest,  Tick Stop (Zecken-Stopp) was developed - an effective antidote on a natural basis with ethereal oils.

Ticks (common wood tick, Ixodes ricinus) are today in many regions regarded as a serious threat to health. They can transmit to humans and domestic animals very dangerous pathogens that cause in many cases meningitis (FSME) and lyme disease.

Ticks are to be found in gardens, meadows, bushes and shrubs, in the wood and on borders of a wood. As soon as they perceive the smell of a suited "host" they will attach to him, chew with their mouth parts their way through the skin and suck themselves full with blood, whereas they often pass pathogenic germs. Tick Stop contains natural, ethereal oils (eucalyptus oil, citronella oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil) in a high concentration, dissolved in a water/isopropanol mixture. Through this combination, Tick Stop effectively protects against ticks and is at the same time very well agreeable.

Advice: Cats can breakdown ethereal oils either badly or not at all. Please therefore don't apply Tick Stop with cats.

Ingeredients: ethereal oil in a non-irritating solution

Directions for use: Dogs are especially at risk for ticks. Tick Stop consists of a handy spray bottle (20 ml) and a refill bottle (100 ml). When walking the dog in a tick-infested area you should use the Tick Stop Spray on your dogs front and hind legs, neck and back. Spray twice 2, for a large dog adjust accordingly. If you go for a longer walk, repeat spraying.

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