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Art. No.: 680

500 ml

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  • Vegetable oil on a coconut basis, neutral in taste 
  • MCT fats require a much lower digsetive effort
  • MCT fats do not deposit in the fatty tissue
  • MCT fats are quickly converted into energy by the body
  • Recommended for salads, shakes, smoothies, bulletproof coffes

MCT oil contains the medium-chain, saturated fatty acids caprylic acid (C8) and capric acid (C10) from natural coconut oil in the ratio 60:40. In contrast to the long-chain LCT fats, which are contained in other common vegetable oils, as well as butter and margarine, MCT fats require a much lower digestive effort, do not deposit in the fatty tissue and are quickly converted into energy by the body. MCT oil is tasteless, it contains no carbohydrates and is therefore ideally suited as part of a ketogenic, i.e. a low carbohydrate, diet. Highly recommended as a cooking oil in cold food preparation, for salads, shakes, smoothies or even trendy bulletproof coffees. Since the valuable fatty acids are not very heat resistant, do not use MCT oil for frying and baking.

Recommendation consumption: Start with 1 teaspoon daily and slowly increase the amount to max. 1-2 tablespoons daily. We advise against the intake of larger amounts in the first few days, as MCT oil can cause diarrhoea in susceptible persons.          

Ingredients: Vegetable oil (coconut, rape).

Average nutritional values per 100 ml:

Calorific content

3489 kJ / 849 kcal


of which

94 g

- saturated fatty acids

94 g

- unsaturated fatty acids

0 g

- polyunsaturated fatty acids

0 g


0 g


0 g


0 g

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