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Incense - an old remedy newly discovered / Lecture in German

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16 pages

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  • A brochure containing all information on frankincense, the remedy used for thousands of years
  • Frankincense - a remedy used for thousands of years
  • The resin of the frankincense tree contains at least 200 ingredients, the active principles of which have not all been discovered
  • However, the biochemical mechanism has been discovered which is behind the anti-inflammatory properties of the boswellia acids.
  • 16 pages

In this brochure everything important of incense is summarised, the remedy with a thousands of years old tradition. The resin of the Indian incense tree (Boswellia serrata) contains at least 200 components, whose active principles have not all been decoded yet. But scientists have discovered the biochemical mechanism, which is behind the anti-inflammatory qualities of the Boswellia acid. This let incense become the hope of millions of people with chronically inflammable diseases of the respiratory tracts (eg asthma), of the intestine (Morbus Crohn) and of the joints (such as rheumatism and arthritis).

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